Bachelor in Dental Hygiene

Bachelor in Dental Hygiene

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    2000 SAR
  • Tuition Fees:
    60000 SAR
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The Riyadh Elm University program has established a (48) – month program of studies leading to a bachelor of science degree in dental hygiene.It is four year (8 semesters) The program integrates education, experiential learning and clinical practice to prepare the students to work with the dentist and the dental team to treat all kinds of patients. Dental hygienists work hand in hand with dentists to prevent, diagnose and treat oral diseases. Students of the dental hygiene program are trained to provide quality dental hygiene care, in general. They are trained to assess, plan, implement and evaluate dental hygiene services for individual patients and community oral health programs; develop patient counseling programs to encourage disease prevention and good oral health; and provide prescribed clinical patient care for patients of all ages and backgrounds, including those with special needs. They are also expected to continuously improve and enhance their professional development and face the challenges of the dental hygiene profession.

Admission Requirements

1- The male / female student must have a high school diploma or equivalent from within The Kingdom or from outside it, and aptitude and achievement test according to the following percentages:

The weighted percentage should not be less than (65%) distributed as follows:

  • (40%) of high school.
  • (40%) capabilities.
  • (20%) achievement.

2- To be of good conduct and behavior.

3-Pass the English test and interview.

4- To be medically fit.

5- must not be dismissed from any other university or college for disciplinary reasons.