Bachelor Health Services and Hospital Management

Bachelor Health Services and Hospital Management

  • Registration Fees:
    2000 SAR
  • Tuition Fees:
    50000 SAR
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The Bachelor of Hospital Health Services Management program is intended to enrich the student with advanced knowledge and ready-made skills in the health institution to carry out a senior administrative role at the level of supervisors and health service operators, and to understand and choose the legal and ethical control that acts in the field of health services and hospitals.

Admission Requirements

1- The male / female student must have a high school diploma or equivalent from within The Kingdom or from outside it, and aptitude and achievement test according to the following percentages:

The weighted percentage should not be less than (65%) distributed as follows:

  • (30%) of high school.
  • (30%) capabilities.
  • (40%) achievement.

2- To be of good conduct and behavior.

3- Pass the English test and interview.

4- To be medically fit.

5- must not be dismissed from any other university or college for disciplinary reasons.